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A new food network

Hello. I created my own online food tv network as a home to my reality cooking show. You haven't seen cooking quite like this before :)

On our food channel, we show you what it's like when normal people try to cook food in their own kitchens.  We take recipes, no matter how complicated, and give them a go, just like you are expected to every day.  However, we have no training, small kitchens, insufficient equipment, and crabby famished guests.

This is how one of our fan's described out pilot episode:

"All right, all you metrosexual, thinkin-you're-with-it urban hipsters better watch out. These fellas show up the entire cooking show genre with their improv style and true-to-life scenarios. You KNOW this was unscripted, and that's what makes it great. They can't find the right spices, they can't find the right pot lid, their wives are mocking them; this is truly cooking. I was laughing out loud, clapping, and generally feeling the Dynamic Duo's pain as they struggle through their doughy doldrums. Definitely a must see."
- Jim R.

This isn't Hollywood. You are going to see us screw up.  Maybe even get hurt. But you are going to see what we do right and what we do wrong. And in the end, all of us will be better cooks for going through it. Isn't that the point of watching cooking on a food tv network?

I hope you enjoy our food tv network.  Please send us any feedback.
Click here to watch the episode: Reality Cooking - Sushi

Or: BitTorrent users

This is a 3 minute epsiode that shows you what to expect from our food tv network.  It's a 10MB file, and should play in your Windows Media Player.

Did you think sushi was too complicated? If we did it, anyone can do it. 

Did I mention we accidentaly had a kitchen fire in this episode? :)

I'm pretty sure you haven't seen this  on your traditional food tv network.

Want to try yourself?  Here is a link to get the Sushi Kit we used in the show.

Did you like the show?  Let us know and we'll keep making them....
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