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Wow, there are a lot of passionate food bloggers out there.

Starting this project has shown me just how many people are out there with websites and blogs about their passion for food.

I found this guy today who has a really similar website to my reality food network. His is The Amateur Gourmet

I love it. Very entertaining. He's got some very funny video too about food! Looks like he's getting some good press too.

And you just take one of these websites, and it gets you into this web of food bloggers. I just keep going deeper and deeper. Is there a bottom...

Gorgonzola with salad

Well, since I have my own food network, I better keep trying to share information about food huh? :)

I love salads. And one of my favorite things to make salads interesting is fruit. Like pears right in my normal salad, you know... with lettuce. I got hooked on this when trying California Pizza Kitchen's salad.

The best part of this salad though is the combination of the sweet fruit with the Gorgonzola. Awesome! Add to that even a vinaigrette dressing somewhat on the sweet side, and that Gorgonzola really is the perfect thing alongside it.

I saw another cool salad recipe with oranges. They don't mention it, but I wonder if Gorgonzola would be a fun addition?

Welcome to Food TV, Cool Network

Here's the first post to our new blog at Food TV, Cool Network. This isn't like your normal food network. You see we have a little different take on cooking. :) I hope you aren't offended.

I hear many professional chefs get real upset with any use of obscenities in their kitchens. In fact, that was some "criticism" of Jamie Oliver's show about his restaurant. Someone said "it wasn't professional". Well, I guess Jamie, who's a great chef (and more successful than that critic ever will be), just has his own way. And this place on the internet is our way.

Some people will think we're totally unprofessional. That's ok.

Some people will really relate to wanting to cook a great meal, but they don't have the right experience or the right tools. For you, we'll continue doing what we do, and trying not to lose any fingers. :)

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